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Thread: WiiFlow 2.2rc1 (trouble w/ downloading covers via WiiFlow method)

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    WiiFlow 2.2rc1 (trouble w/ downloading covers via WiiFlow method)

    Keep getting "Network initialization Failed" when trying to download covers for usb games...been doing it manually from PC ( but is taking too long so tried to select WiiFlow's "download all covers" button but keep getting the above mentioned message. What can I do to make this work?? Tried messing w/ settings and even changed "Init network on boot" from "no" to "yes." What is the "install game" setting and is this related to the problem?
    Am I supposed to turn on internet or WiiConnect24 via Wii settings in order for this to work...never used them before because I heard it could send files to erase/corrupt files your games??
    What can I do to make this work??

    *Also (just for fun) how can I change to cover art display to show many covers on screen at once instead of scrolling thru each one. Is there a wad out there to access WiiFlow from channel instead of thru Homebrew?
    I will be sure to to thank the genius who can figure all this out!

    (wii v4.2u) Installed WiiFlow on SD only because I don't know how to intall it on usb HDD.

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    Controls - WiiFloWiki
    1 or 2 to change layout.
    Install any ONE of the wiiflow forwarders

    usb:\wiiflow\ other folders used by wiiflow

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