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Thread: Just softmoded - need more help

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    Question Just softmoded - need more help

    Hello there,

    I have softmoded WII (4.3U) and the main menu contains the following:

    0. Disc Channel
    1. Mii Channel
    2. Photo Channel
    3. Wii Shop Channel
    4. Forest Channel
    5. News channel
    6. Wii + Internet
    7. Internet Channel
    8. Nintendo Channel
    9. Check Mii out
    10. Everybody votes Channel
    11. the Homebrew Channel
    12. Config. USB Loader
    13. Backup disc Channel
    14. loadMii

    As most of them here clarified that 4.3U is not good to play Backup disc, need more info. on making use of USBLoaderCFG.

    Is the following idea work?
    1. I have 8GB SB Card, can convert into USB (stick)
    2. Downloaded game (NTSC + iso)

    Also, please shed some light on how to transfer ISO onto a USB storage media.. Thanks in advance.

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    put your original disc into the wii, then, in cfg usb loader, you can press +, this will copy the disc to your USB device.

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    Thanks for your speedy reply davepm, appreciate it.

    I did put a original DVD inside console, and plugged-in USB stick (has 8GB SD Card) and when I opened USBLoaderCFG and pressed Start button, got the following

    Error: Couldn't open file!
    Press any button to reboot wii


    I got the above error because I did not complete the step "Configurable USB Loader" through the HomeBrew channel.

    Now that is done, it is all good.
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