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Thread: 4.3 wii NOT bricked by update from black ops disk no homebrew cant install ideas help

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    This thread is confusing... Are you softmoding 1 or 2 Wii's? It doesn't really matter as you should be asking all your questions in the guide you are following.

    Also, since your Wii is not broken this thread has been moved to a more appropriate section.

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    yes i am fixing to problem wii this is one with 4.3u menu

    I did the smash bro ran it as directed got a screen running as you can see in the attachments i have posted than got the home-brew installer ran until you have to push the 1 button to start it the wii remote number 1 light is on but will not let me run the home-brew the one on the screen is suppose to blink but don't its froze need more info let me
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