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Thread: 4.3u softmod gone wrong.

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    i just ran sysCheck so i could post it on the forums here...well i went into usb loader gx and getting the same black screen as OP...stack dump is diff from his tho....stuck what can i do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy_Wii View Post
    Still having the system crash when just looking around the usb loader. Is there an update cios, or program which does not do so?
    delete the covers folder from your SD card and re-download them, my guess is that one of them is corrupted.

    I would also try CFG USB Loader or WiiFlow, both are much more stable than GX.

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    Configurable USB Loader freezes on game load (plus other weird cIOS related issues)

    Hey everyone, I've been having a bit of an issue with the last few wii's I've attempted (the 6th, 7th and 8th to be specific) . I chalked the 7th one up to a faulty USB Thumb drive (since the drive was not on the compatible list and it was running v4.1u) but now it seems to be an issue with the wii's running v4.3u.

    Since its not my first time, I don't really use any one guide (probably why its so difficult for me to trace the problem down). I've used Smashstack on these v4.3u ones, then IOS236 installer v5, then cIOS Installer rev20b to install the following cios' using ios236: ios247 base 57, ios248 base 56, ios249 base 57, ios250 base 56. Then I use cIOS 222 installer v5 and ios236 to install ios202 base 38, ios 222 base 38, ios 223 base 57, ios 224 base 37. As you can see and probably tell, I'm super OCD, wanted these for completion sake, but am not entirely sure these are correct.

    I've recently attempted to make the switch to Configurable USB Loader (v63a3) and love how easy it is for me to customize the Favorites in settings.cfg (though wish I could have more than 100 favorites...) and the universal options in config.txt (though can't get "music = 1" to play the .mp3 I put in the folder). However it seems to be freezing whenever I try to ACTUALLY load a game. It just returns: "[+] Booting Wii game, please wait..." and never gets any farther. I have to hold the power button to reset. Another weird thing is that the load screen when I access Configurable USB Loader from the HBC says v63a3 248[FRAG] while it says v63a3 249[FRAG] when loaded from the wad installed channel. It seems to view all the games just fine, and I've tried multiple different games with no luck. I even switched the IOS it uses to load in the in-game options from 249 to 248 for Mario Galaxy with no luck.

    Also Dop-Mii 14.2 crashes when I click on Use IOS58 + AHBPROT.

    Here's my syscheck:


    Please, anyone, let me know if theres anything else I should try. USB Loader GX works (for the most part, I imagine I have the same issues with it as everyone), but I really really want Configurable USB Loader to work for the reasons I listed above.

    Oh and I'm loading games from a WBFS formatted WD External hardrive (on the compatible list) and there are no partitions...

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