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Thread: A little bit of advice old flashed wii needs and update

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    A little bit of advice old flashed wii needs and update

    Hi there.
    I have been away for nearly 8 months and come home to use my wii.
    I flashed it along time ago with an sd card.

    I have the homebrew channel installed on my wii and also the backup launcer channel on my wii its really old gamma 0.3
    I used to just plug my hd into my wii and i sware i was able to just boot from the usb device and play the games.
    I can not for the life remember if i needed the sd card in the machine and it seems to have gone walkies well i have been away.

    I think i need to update my wii to a newer homebrew channel and a newer backup launcer can anyone help me as my mind is a bit rugged ?

    Thanks wii guys much appricated

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