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Thread: Installiing Cios 249 as a wad Doubt D:

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    Installiing Cios 249 as a wad Doubt D:

    Well i already installed 222, 223 and i still need to install 249 and 250 so i was wondering... since im using wad manager to install the cios wads, the first thing it ask me is the ios to use, and default is 249, but if im gonna install the cios 249 as a wad, dont i need to use another ios first? like i dunno 222 or 223? then install 249 and 250 ? D:

    Also i wasnt ablt to play call of duty using uloader 5.1 and hermes 222 QQ

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    No you can use IOS249 to install IOS249 if you want.

    Read the black ops guide.. it does not say to load it with says to load it with 224 and it will only work if you installed it with the correct base which needs to be IOS57.
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