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I have a few of these games, they all work on USB Loader GX as does the mic. The problem I have is that with my hard drive plugged in it only leaves space for one mic.(karaoke games aren't much fun for one player). I haven't tried a USB hub yet. Does anyone know if it will work and if so what type should i get (powered/unpowered)?
Old thread but it came up on first page of google so i thought i would add some info for others about mics
There are few more singing games now such as Now thats what I call music and We Sing Down under
But I wanted to add my experience with Microphones
I already had a logitec mic from disney hits .
I am a big fan of Ebay and I bought a pair of cheap chinese microphones(red and blue bands) that were compatible with Wii and PS2 etc. They just didn't work, I think i got one to work with one game
I then swapped them for a wireless one, same thing, worked with one or two games only, but could not get existing mic to also work. Could not get a second mic to work into spare 6.5 mm slot of wireless. I think all those chinese ones may only work with games that also exist ON PS2 such as Rock Band. They are vague on compatibility, refering only to PS2 games that it works with, but were happy to exchange or change
Finally bought Two We Sing mics with included USB hub for around $35 AU and they work. Even then I had some hassles getting them to be recognised and work. Makes sense, but make sure you plug them in before turning on Wii, even then seemes to take some plugging unplugging to get to register. Same issues with friends wii
Sorry but from my experience you can't cheap out, skip the wireless, things from china and go with logitecs only for full compatibility

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