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Thread: I am having my friend softmod my Wii soon, a few quick newbie questions.

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    Yeah I'm just now starting to get familiar with that. Well looks like my external HD and SD card will be in the mail this week, and I will hopefully get my Wii softmodded in early January. So I will probably post some more minor questions come January in this thread, I will ask him to give me a rundown of everything though.

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    Best advice I can give you is to read things carefully and always back thing up onto your PC. I have been modding hundreds of wii consoles since July of 09 and never messed a single one up. I once belonged to another community (no longer existant) and I can honestly say that this is the place for making things as simple as possible. You might have an issue, but after you have done the process, you will simply be overjoyed and confident at the possibilities in what else you can do.
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    hey guys. the softmod programs have worked on my wii 3.3 and i also have done it all myself ,, i have 1500 nintendo games , also ps1 games , n super nintendo games , saega games too saega master games , n64 games too ,, an i just loaded my wii with netflix movie channel..... n my wife loves it ....

    if u need help .. email me at

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