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Thread: Completely confused .wad manager , forwarders.... any advice appreciated :)

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    Completely confused .wad manager , forwarders.... any advice appreciated :)


    My brother hacked my Wii ages ago and all has been well

    however , I had a weeks holiday from work so I thought i would try to update some stuff and add usb loader GX etc

    anyway, all that went very smoothly also , but then when i started looking into adding the forwarders so i could be really lazy and not have to launch emulators , usb loader via homebrew channel i stumbbled across the fact I dont seem to have a WAD manager or anything with the word 'WAD' in it on the homebrew channel .

    I have downloaded wad manager 1.7 but i have no idea where to put it on my SD card to get the HB channel to use.

    I am also confuesd by priiloader / pre loader .............My brother hacked it and I ahve no idea what ISOs are on it and i dont (from what i can see) have anything like like priiloader / preloader installed on my SD and I dont know how I would install it !

    can anyone please explaine to me what i can do to get both wad manager and priiloader/ preloader onto my wii ?

    I dont want to risk bricking as my wife and kids would kill me lol

    ANY help appreciated

    my wii has firmware 4.1e but that is all i know

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    About wad manager, it needs to be in the following format SD:/apps/(name of app)/boot.dol. This is the format of all applications for the wii.
    Regarding priiloader, there is a link in my signature to get going.
    Give credit where credit is due. If it helps you, click "thanks" on ANY guide I link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by summersyn View Post
    About wad manager, it needs to be in the following format SD:/apps/(name of app)/boot.dol.
    you will also need a wad folder on the root of your card (sd:/wad), this is where you will put the wads that you will install with wad manager. You could also look at multi mod manager, it has wad manager and several other utilities all in one app.

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    goozer, keep your wii at 4.1e, as much as possible, as it's handy/versatile for your application/softmod. avoid to update 4.2/4.3e.
    you may like to read Softmod-Any-Wii (credit: mauifrog) before doing any mod yourself.
    i would suggest to apply MMM for your works.

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