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Thread: Ios 222, 223 and 202~ C:

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    should i install hermes v4, and what about the waninoko new cios, and whats the ciosX20, its like wanninoko rev20? or what exactly, what should i install to get my wii updated like, hermes v4, plus what version of neogamma plus what rev of wanninoko so my wii can work whitout problem?
    yes that's what cIOSx rev 20 is. Pick the ones you want and install them, not really that hard.

    222 v4
    224 [57]v5.1
    249 [56] rev 20
    250 [57] rev 20

    That's what I would do.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    What about the BASE ISO, whats the diference installing ios 36 and 38 or 57 and that stuff? o.o does it matter?

    222 goes on ios 38
    223 goes on ios 57
    249 goes on ios 56
    250 goes on ios 57

    Why they need to be on those bases? is there any diferences installed on other, there are alot of stuff on google that confusse dme, i got like a month or so reading, but still cant figure why install cios on certan specific ios.

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