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Thread: Walked down the wrong alley HELP!

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    No I already had installed 1.08 before starting the guide. It flipped upside down, I DOP-Mii'd IOS36 and IOS60 and it flipped back after re-install. To be honest I really messed with DOP-Mii. Updated all IOSs to newest versions without fake signing, or the other two options because I didn't know which ones were the ones I needed to un-fake-sign. Then I went back after and tried to write my wrongs by DOP-Mii'ing all the ones I thought might help by taking them back to their earliest version that would support fake signing and the other two options. So some might be new versions, some might be old, some may have been changed by the guide process. It is a proper FUBAR in there. I want to format, re-partition and re-install windows... but it isn't a computer.
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