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Thread: Wii won't play new games. Can I uninstall Neogamma

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatfloorguy View Post
    @ op, Look to Emuhack's thread and update your neogamma revision, also if you haven't installed Hermes yet, do so. Stomp_442 has a cpl guides here for that using V4 for 222/223 and V5.1 for 202/224. As far as the recommended base ios to use for each it is also in the guides.
    This is an old thread.

    How to bypass WII Menu Update proposed by Potter 1-4?

    I own softmoded WII, 4.1E, and currently purchased Harry Potter 1-4. When started asks me to update Menu from Nintendo, what I obviously dont want to. Which is the shortest way to play original game? Making WII virgin again is not so safe, so I heard.
    Is it possible to bypass this update somehow? I dont know if update is included on disk, or it needs internet access, so I dont want to start the update even without internet connection.
    This is the new question above. As seen as it was a simple question it was provided with an answer. Im going to close the thread as seen as it is causing a little confusion.

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    Lol, why you telling him it's an old thread? You posted in it before he did
    Damn I suck!!!!

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