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Thread: cIOSx and WAD manager question

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    Thanks Cile. Your thread is where I got the WADs for 249 and now 250. After reading up on it, I chose base 56. We'll see how it works out. Also, A little off topic, It seems (after reading your uLoader tut), that i HAVE to have 5.1 of 222 and 223. Why do the hackin tuts only use rev4? Was there a bug in rev5 that scared them off? Sorry to hijack my own thread, but you're the person to talk to about uLoader, and I caught you!! I'm looking to launch WiiWare. Thanks.
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    Reason for v4 is you have two base ios which works better...

    The other reason is only uLoader5.0+,wiiflow 2.2 & CFG v60+ have the full support for hermes cios v5+(for now)

    You dont need 222/23v5.1 just use 224v5.1(there is a hack in uloader that makes all games run under 2224) and always install newer games first...(thatfloorguy gave you the rest of the answers)

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