ok. overread that you only want to go there if you bannerbrick.. (edit: and it wasn't mentioned like that )
so settings -> boot to and return to would be set to systemmenu

in a brick case:
and if you do not want to boot to wiiflow at any point, install the forwarder file, then you can change the settings to boot to hbc.
but you also can launch apps which are located on your sd card directly with priiloader, no need to launch hbc before that. so you could start wadmanager, MMM, or anytitledeleter from priiloader directly, not sure about the location though, i think you can just drop the boot.dol of one of the above programs (or any other) to the root of the sd card to start it from priiloader if needed (not sure if priiloader can browse to any folder on your sd card)