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Thread: Wii Remote volume not working + Reset/Wii Menu issues on Cfg Usb Loader

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    Question Wii Remote volume not working + Reset/Wii Menu issues on Cfg Usb Loader


    I've bought a Wii a few weeks ago, and i was able to succesfully softmod it following tutorials from this forums. First of all, thanks for all of your work in gathering so much useful information in here

    But i wouldn't be a trully newbie to Wii hacks if I didn't find any errors.

    Steps I've succesfully taken:

    - I'm running Configurable USB Loader, v60 with the appropriate forwarder channel.
    - I have a softmoded Wii version 4.2u
    - I'm using a NTSF 1tb external hd

    These are the two issues i'm currently facing:

    - Everytime i load a game from Cfg Usb Loader, sometimes the "Reset" button reset the Wii System (as if I trully had hit the Wii Reset Button), instead of resetting the game, and whenever I hit the "Wii Menu" button, the systems crashes and I can't Reset the Wii or Turn it Off. I have to unplug the power supply cable and then plug it again to be able to play again. I've come with an turnaround for this: I always turn off, and then on my Wii whenever I want to change to another game, but I believe this is not how the Usb Loader was supposed to work!

    - One of my Wii Remotes simply refuses to correspond to the volume I'm setting inside Wii Remote Configuration, under Home Screen options. Problem is that I've tested the same Wii Remote in one brand new Wii, and the volume does works accordingly. It seems it only happens on my softmoded Wii.

    Does anyone has any clue on these issues? I've tried to find this in the forums and on the internet but I failed.

    Thank you!

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    Try a different version of Cfg from the link in my signature (try 59). Not sure about your WiiRemote issue...
    Damn I suck!!!!


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