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    Noob Question

    I got a japanese wii back in 2007. I'm not sure whether it was hardmodded or softmodded. I remembered the version was 2.2, I could play almost all old backup games from that year like Wii Sport, Wario, etc..
    Now after haven't touched my wii for 3 years (and being a smart ass I am), I downloaded the latest firmware which was 4.3. The Wii can still boot to the home screen. My question is, after downloading to the latest firmware, does that make my wii become a virgin 4.3J wii?
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    How could we know? Even you, the owner say you don't know if it was hardmodded or softmodded. It's unlikely to have cIOS 249 if it was done 3 years ago, so for the purposes you ask --- most likely.


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