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Thread: bootmii question?

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    Us bootmii question?

    I have two Wii consoles both dvd infos on both wii says they were made in 2007
    run backup discs great but 1 thing that gets me is the bootmii installer bellow
    is what both wii's display when I run bootmii

    1 - installer 36,hbc 36,dvdx 36 - also the boot2 version is bootv3

    2 - installer 36,hbc 61,dvdx 36 - also the boot2 version is bootv4

    so my question is what wii is better
    they both say all 3 can be installed
    but why is 1 of them 61 and the other 36

    bootmii can be installed
    dvdx can be installed
    the homebrew channel can be installed

    on a side note one of the Wii's dvd drive is loud while the other is quite

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    On Wii 1 you don't have a trucha bug enebled IOS36 and therefore HBC use it. But If you restore the trucha bug on IOS36 you will get an upside down HBC. Just install IOS61 and reinstallHBC to fix it.

    On Wii 2 you probably had installed Shop Channel (v18 or v19) or System Menu 4.2 before you installed HBC.
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