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Thread: Watching movies on wii via external hdd

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    Don't use the newest version, it did not work right for me. Use 1.0.4 or the one before that. Also follow Stomp's guide to install Hermes IOS 202, 222, 223. (You only need 202 though). I recommend 202 v5.1.
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    I had just installed that IOS myself and I was packing up for a trip, I got 1.0.5 WiiMC and the latest IOS202 from THEM, and my flash drive wasn't recognized (fat32). I tried it in WAD Manager under IOS202 and it didn't work, then I tried under IOS249 and it would work. Something is wrong with their new IOS202, and I think 1.0.5 will only work with that IOS, or umm... won't work.

    EDIT: WiiMC

    Right at the top of the 1.0.5 release post or whatever it said major issues have been reported with it, so I guess 1.0.4 with Hermes v5.1 cIOS202 (57 base) would work best.
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    HAHAHAA FINALLY!!! Thank you guys for all of your help. I finally got it working. I ended up using WiiMC 1.0.3 and i installed IOS202(base 57) using hermes V5.1. Thank you all for being so helpful and so patient with me. This is such a great community.

    A million thanks,

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