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Thread: cIOSX REV 19 Install issues

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    My cIOSx Rev 19 has the base wad of IOS37 and I can run Wad Manager 1.7 perfectly so every cIOSx Rev19 base IOS37 user should use Wad Manager 1.7. I can also run the game through Hermes 222 / 223 but it loads 5 seconds slower (15 seconds slowerst ever which was first launch) then running via IOS249.
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    Glad to hear it, but I think you missed the point. There was absolutely no need for the OP to do this, as there's a Recommended Guide for MH3 and it seems rather painfully obvious he did not follow it. We're not going to get into a cIOS-X Rev 19 versus all others on this thread, sorry.

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