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Thread: Some games freeze on start or in game?

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    Its easier to have it as a channel so the kids and bird can use it more safely? I cant seem to change the theme now (not really important) where should I have put that dir (I'm just being picky now!) Downloaded all the covers and its backed up all my games it is much better than GX and worth the messing round thanks
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    Once you have wiiflow up and running, there is a folder on the root of the sd called "wiiflow", in this folder there are multiple folders named, cache, config (i think), music, themes... maybe more or less. In the "themes" folder, is where you put the theme(s) of your choice. The theme you choose will be a folder with a whack of files inside. Just drop this folder direct into the "themes" folder in the "wiiflow" folder on the root of the sd card.

    I think you will eventually come to stick with the original theme though... its what I did anyway, i like it the best.

    Another cool thing that I did is added music to the backround of wiiflow. Its very simple, just choose the song you want, search google for a free mp3 to ogg converter, convert the mp3 song to ogg format then just dump it in the "music" folder I mentioned earlier. Then when you start Wiiflow you'll have music in the backround (the volume can be adjusted). I have Rise Against in my backround ;D

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