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Thread: Please Help I'm way too freakin clueless to make a thread title

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    Please Help I'm way too freakin clueless to make a thread title

    Hello in doing this thread to see if i can get any help for my friendīs Wii. Ok so his wii version is 4.0u (LU65?????) and it seems that when he trys to load up the hackmii installer throught bootmii theres only a black screen. Before he, had the wii version 4.2 so he downgraded it to 4.0u because for some reason he didnt understand the shadowsonic guide and then he tried to do the softmii 2.9.5 guide and then on the last step his we got back to normal. The homebrew channel disappeared.. umm bootmii as ios disappeared.. put piiloader still works. He has and nand backup and the keys. Any suggestions or any ideas to what happened.

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    Format your sd-card
    Extract to sd:\
    Click settings- data management- channels- SD
    Load the boot.dol/elf, dop-mii starts
    Select ios249, press A
    Select ios, mios, bc- press A
    Select install with patches
    Select Install without patches
    Select Install without patches
    If online install from NUS
    If offline install from sd with the wads in sd:\wad

    Then follow every step of this guide

    Then Follow this guide

    If you have any issues with that, scan the wii and post the cvs report here- or type what you see if it crashes (it may crash)
    And fix your FAIL of a thread title
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

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