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Thread: Failed Non-wiihacks softmod

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    Failed Non-wiihacks softmod

    Guys, first I want to congrats this nice Wii Forum.

    Introducing: I have the wii for at least one weak, model LU12, 4.2U, and i read many tutorials and questions about my problem but i dindīt find.

    Installation history: First, Iīve installed HBC, Neogamma r7 and cIOS r14. Neogamma found and read my wbfs game in my pen drive, but failed in recognize the 3 games i inserted in my SDHC (recognized just one in the USB mode). I was not satisfied and tried another step.
    I installed and ran the brew pimp my wii, and instaled cIOS r19 and USB loader GX. I got no error.

    The problem: When i run the USB loader GX, the list of games appears on the screen, but when i click in anyone, instead of appear the spinning CD, the blue light of the disk drive get on permanently and the program stops running (I continue can point with the wii mote but the buttons doesnīt work). I tested with the pen drive and the SDHC (both are recognized but the spinnind CD doesnīt appear. (I installed an older version of the USB loader but the same problem appeared). Itīs not a black screen error!

    Please, i appreciate your help, what do you suggest? Continue the good work!

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    I realize this is your first post, but let me put it to you this way: there's a Recommended Guides section here. You've got a FAIL there (partially works, but...) by not following a wiihacks WIN guide. IOS 249 Rev -19 is not recommended for softmodding as it should be considered experimental and can mangle your Wii's playability (just as Pimp My Wii can). If you had posted in the Introductions Section of the site (better even now than not) you'd get a greeting from our VWA and links to our most popular guides. We don't support some other site's FAIL guides, but rather our WIN guides.

    BTW: Neo Gamma R8 final is out, along with a bunch of R9 betas (focused on better GC compatibility) --- not oldly moldy R7.

    Search our Recommended Guides and resoft the WIN way
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    Hello uranos

    Quote Originally Posted by emuhack View Post

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    Otherwise have fun and obey the rules and keep this Site Safe and Legal..

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