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Thread: Animal Crossing Gecko Codes

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    Question Animal Crossing Gecko Codes

    Alright so I play Animal Crossing: City Folk through Dolphin on my computer... but that's just background for my question. For some that might not know Dolphin, it's a GC and Wii emulator with a built in system for codes. Works the same as Gecko OS, I would think... but I'm no wiz. Anyways, I'm using this Gecko code for making items:

    206E23C0 00006E00
    42000000 90000000
    02E2EB22 00009FF8
    02E2EB24 0000A318
    02E2EB26 0000BA80
    02E2EB28 0000BA84
    02E2EB2A 0000BA8C
    02E2EB2C 0000BA90
    02E2EB2E 0000BA98
    02E2EB30 0000BA9C
    02E2EB32 0000BAA4
    02E2EB34 0000BBF0
    02E2EB36 00009568
    02E2EB38 0000AAA0
    02E2EB3A 0000BFCC
    02E2EB3C 0000C0EC
    02E2EB3E 0000BF78
    E0000000 80008000
    The code states you should press a,b,z,c, and 1... but I've got a problem with codes that want me to press certain things. They never seem to work. My question is, could I change the code to activate when I sell something or to just work when I start up the game? Or is there anyone that knows Dolphin enough to help the button-pressing problem?

    I would go to Dolphin's forums but Animal crossing isn't as big on that board... sorry for bringing a problem that isn't directed to an actual Wii...

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    yes you can change button activators for codes. it involves changing a line of code somewhere within the code. i know how to change button activators for mario kart, but I'm not sure if they are the same with animal crossing. do some searching on google and u might find somtin. cough cough LINK!!!!! cough cough.... that site just shows basically how to make your own codes. and hey look at that! it brings you back to wiihacks! lol
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