Have read that the application uLOADER by Hermes (http://www.wiihacks.com/software-bac...er-hermes.html) and Hermes CIOS 222 v5 includes the save game nand emulation, so perhaps this would be a step in the right direction.
It seems that the latest USB Loader GX has disabled the FAT / FFS Module which enables save game nand emulation for now, but hopefully will be re-enabled in a future release,

I'm gonna give up with Sneek, it just gives me a headache and nothing I seem to do get's it working, I've even tried friends nands with basic setup on my console, and I'm still not getting good results. Plus I've heard that using sneek blocks prevents the use of the SD card menu (unless you use SNEEK-DI which is apparently buggy), so I'd have to install Tri-force channel & move all my wiiware over ,,, bah, just seems so much grief and anyways I'm still stuck at step 1 which is getting the Sneek part to actually work ...

The save game emulation seems like a much simpler idea to me, and I'm hoping in time that the development in this area becomes more popular across the various type of loaders.
At least I can see now that there is interest in it, and that it is being applied to the newer CIOS upgrades and USB loaders, originally I thought I'd stumbled across a brand new idea, but it's obvious now that the genius's out there were already working on it ,,,

Cheers for all the advise everyone and if I hear of any further progress in the development of this savegame emulation then I'll be sure to post an update here