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Thread: Wii Fit Plus! Disk now wants to do a system update on my Wii 4.2u?

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    Wii Fit Plus! Disk now wants to do a system update on my Wii 4.2u?

    First of all, hi everyone. This is my first time posting here, but I've read a few threads and such with getting homebrew working on my wii.

    Now, onto the problem I have. For the past couple of months since I installed HBC and IOSs to make my wii more dynamic, I've had no problems, until now. I've used my Wii Fit Plus! disk since December with no problems, but now it says it wants to do a Wii System Update. I wasn't expecting something like that to happen because from what I've read, WFP requires System Menu 3.4, and mine is at 4.2u.

    I was considering just backing up the disk to a hard drive and running it from there with a loader, but since I have family members that aren't so technologically minded as to use that instead of just installing the update that could cause potential damage to the Wii, I'm kinda in a pickle, since I'm not even sure what to do to prevent the update from showing up. Pretty much until I fix this issue, I'm telling everyone not to play WFP for the time being.

    Could anyone help me figure out this problem? Thanks in advance.

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    When you get time, please stop by the Introductions Section of the site as wiihacks terms and conditions and site rules ask. Just give a quick shout out and you'll get a personal greeting along with links for our most popular guides. That being said, a simple search would've yielded the results you're looking for --- look here. Any further questions on that application go into the linked thread. Welcome to wiihacks.

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    Install Priiloader and use the Block Disc update and Internet update options. WiiJohn has crafted a guide to help you do it. Take a look in the Tutorials section.

    WFP does not require 3.4, it simply has it on disc.

    Not sure why the update application on disc has triggered an update in your case but it must have reason to do so. An IOS that is of an older revision than you have on your Wii. The update probably wont have any serious effects but it's better to stop these things with Priiloader.
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