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Thread: Desperate help of using the search feature

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    Desperate help of using the search feature

    Hi everyone, first of all I am completely new to this whole modding thing. I looked over the internet for a clear guide for this but apparently, I'm still having trouble. My friend installed Homebrew (soft mod) for me and I would like to either get WiiFlow or USB Loader GX. But I am pretty sure I need to install a USB Loader first? I tried some things but I just get lost with the ISOs and what I'm supposed to do. If anyone could be kind enough to post a thorough guide of the files I need to download and the steps for either of these loaders so I can back up my games it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to anyone who posts.

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    Two things. First-time posters are asked by the terms and conditions along with forum rules of the site to make an initial post in the Introductions Section of this site. You'll get a personalized greeting along with links to the most popular guides etc that wiihacks has to offer.

    The other thing is look in the Recommended Guides section --- there's a thread by Dogegg's for any 3.1-4.1 Wii; there are two 4.2-only threads, one by Messie and the other by Shadow Sonic. There's no reason for this post --- I gave the section to look in, and there's the search box in the upper right corner.

    Enjoy your stay, just please read the rules.

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