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Thread: Wii Channels, Creating and Organising?

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    Wii Channels, Creating and Organising?

    Hi guys,

    Ive just got back in to the Wii scene after time off playing the PS3. Anyway i have just updated and installed Neogammer and USB loader GX which went fine. I then created channels for them for quick and easy access.

    I have just bought a 32gb SD card which i intend to put ROMs on for SNES, N64, Gens, etc (emulators).

    I can get them to work perfectly through the Wad manager when testing but how do i create channels to the emulators for quick access?

    Also I had to delete a channel that i didn't want any more and it has left gaps between channels on my homescreen.

    Is there a way so i can move channels where ever i want them to be to get it organised a bit?

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    Well search in tutorial for a guide how to make channels with customizemii for the emulator channels and point at channel press A and B together and move the channel around

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