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Thread: 3.1e Wii SDHC USB softmodding questions

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    3.1e Wii SDHC USB softmodding questions


    I have this wii updating issue including installing homebrew and softmodding altogether.
    My wii is currently second hand owned and at 3.1e . Console is in original condition and would need some enhancements. For example everything via usb hard drive forgetting SD and DVD.

    I have an usb hard drive (generic SATA-to-USB enclosure and a SATA drive inside it) and Transcend SDHC 4GB card.

    -/quote wiidrives/-
    The console has model number RVL-001(EUR), produced for the European market.
    * There is a 100% chance the chipset is GC2-D2C2 (v2) and the drive has the new metal clip.
    -/quote wiidrives/-

    If SDHC isn't supported until 4.0 can I use SDHC to perform upgrades and various installations on 3.1?

    Should I update system if I'd like to play with motionplus?

    What's the most up-to-date and convenient method to achieve softmod (maybe incl bootmii, preloader, homebrew and some other precautions)?

    Just trying my luck here, so thank you for reading and have a nice one!


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    If SDHC isn't supported until 4.0 can I use SDHC to perform upgrades and various installations on 3.1?
    How would that even work??????

    Do some reading on the HDD and soft mod guides. (there are 3 tutorial sections)

    Go to tutorials section and read dogeggs tut on 3.1 - 4.1

    Has all the info you need to answer all of your questions above.
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