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Thread: Serious help needed making a descriptive title for my noob thread.

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    Serious help needed making a descriptive title for my noob thread.

    So I just used this guide:

    Worked like magic! I could play US games and everything! Only problem was my wii was still in Japanese. I read a part of the guide that said something about menu files and decided to take a look. I found this file:


    So I figure... Oh okay just install this over the current one and were good.


    After I installed it I tried going into the system settings for screen size and things like that. It came up with an opera error saying it was searching for a JP file extention and couldn't find one. So I figured "Okay well I should just uninstall what I installed and it should work"


    After I did that I reset the Wii. Now it turns on but shows nothing. No signal. Blank. So I must have deleted the entire system menu file. Which means my Wii is bricked? I need some help getting things back to normal please... Everything from that guide is still on my SD card. I followed the guide step by step. So I have the nand.bin file. I just need to know how to get my Wii to show something again this is freaking me out...

    Thanks to anyone that can help me!

    Oh btw my Wii is a Japanese Black Wii with 4.1j firmware.

    Thanks again!!
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    No, your Wii is now this.

    Post your issue in the Bricked Forum.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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