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Thread: why Does my screen go black after quitting somem games.

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    Ca why Does my screen go black after quitting somem games.

    Hi there, Good job by the way.
    I have a 4.2 (just before nintendo's new chip) wii (ntsc)
    I have softmodded it using messie's guide.
    I use usb loader (Wiiflow)
    I have over 110 games on an external hdd.

    For some reason, when I quit some of those games, it crashes the wii. The games play fine until I hit the home button to quit back to the original wii menu. When I do so, the screen goes black. And, I have to reset it by holding the power button long enough for the wii to close. Then, I open it again and I can play another game... Now at first I thought it was a PAL game thing. But most pal games don't do it. and some ntsc games do it.

    So please tell me if this is just normal or if there is a simple stupid thing I must do for it to stop doing that.

    By the way, Is there a way to go directly back to wiiflow when leaving a game or do I have to go back to the main wii menu everytime.....

    Thanx a bunch

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    Could be u need to update wiiflow or cios. To have the wii load wiiflow directly u have to have priiloader installed and then u can change the settings so that it will load wiiflow instead of the system menu.

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    I was having the same issue (only with the RB games though) it all went away when I loaded ciosx rev18. I don't know what wiiflow version you are running but you should get wiiflow 1.1 r25 if you're not already there.
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