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Thread: List of IOS, Homebrew apps + others installed on my wii?

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    Question List of IOS, Homebrew apps + others installed on my wii?

    Hi all,

    Thank you for everyone who has shared your valuable knowledge with us newbie.

    Currently my relative from overseas has given me his wii and he told me that that wii has been modified.

    I wonder if someone could give me a guidance to find out what modification has been done.

    Here is the only basic information of my wii I could find:
    * System 3.2J
    * Ocarina + Gecko OS 1.07b

    Btw, I couldn't read Japanese so it has been very difficult for me to go through the game menu

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Here is an app that you can put on your SD card in the " apps" folder and it will tell you What IOS's you have installed as well as other things. Check it out. May not be what your looking for and there may be other replies. signCheck - WiiBrew

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