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    Quote Originally Posted by renke_uk View Post
    Seem to know alot bjam69 ? sounds like brown nosing to me ?

    The guy only wants to sort his Wii out for his kids!!!

    2 replys and NO Help! Go and tidy your room
    Why would you comment on something you have no clue about?? He has TWO posts with the same information! Instead of berating me for what you call brown nosing, why don't you read and see that he has posted the EXACT same question TWICE???

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    b/c the OP either is uninformed of the Rules or doesn't care, just as Renke... sometimes double-posts happen as honest mistakes; it's quite a different thing to keep two simultaneous threads open and continuing, OTOH...

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    thanks for the answer nightstah ..... The double post was a genuine misstake due to old p1 computer slow speed and message popping up saying page had timed out . tried again with success later (in hind sight maybe should have checked forum for first post but did'nt)
    went to my post looking for answers but only found silly comments and the link to the first post with your help on it .not having a clue how to delete the second post i searched it to see if answers had come up ....but only comments (IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN) and thanks for your time

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