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Thread: stuck at step D on the messie full hacking 4.2 guide

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    D5) You can now install ios202, ios222, ios223. From HBC, run cios222 installer and select ios249 to use. At the next screen, choose the following, one at each turn:
    -ios202, for usb - using ios38 (needed for USB2.0 support at Media Players)
    -ios222, for uloader - using ios38 (needed for USB support of instruments and stuff)
    -ios223 mainly for GH5 - using ios38 merged with 37 (same as above)
    Mind that you will need an internet connection for this!! If you do not have an internet connection, see appendix. You can also install the ioses using any other combination you like, But those are recommended for now, until a games needs otherwise. If a game does not run with USB loader, try changing the ios it uses through settings menu to one of the above.
    Have a look in my signature to install IOS222/223. It is general practice to install IOS222 as 38 merged with 37, in messies guide you will be installing IOS222 as 38.

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    thx Stomp 442 I will give that a go and let you know how it turns out!

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