I would NOT recommend formatting to WBFS. There is a link above to a range of loaders and it is much better to select one that does not need WBFS.
I started with uLoader that only seemed to run on a WBFS partition and it was a pain so thanks to dvice from lfc, (see above) I started to use COnfigurable USB Loader. You can format your USB HDD to FAT32 and just create a directory NOT partition as wbfs and other directories for other files, media etc.
One big advantage that I guess you've found Bludog is that you can do ALL your work on a PC, creating wbfs files in a wbfs partition at the speed of the PC and then just copy them across to your USB HDD using Windows (or whatever). You could even use FTP but it is very slow if you are doing a lot of files but Ok if you copy a few overnight.
As I said , give up WBFS partitions as long as you use a compatible loader that rads FAT32 you'll be OK. Give it a try 'thatfloorguy' you'll be amazed how much easier things are.