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Thread: Question on legaility?

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    Piracy and hard or soft modding aren't (necessarily) the same thing. That should be a footnote, depending on if you're modifying anything Nintendo-related code. But this is getting internet-lawyer minutae, and unless you or I have J.D. after ours names (I do not), best leave it at that.

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    Thanks for all the replies, Ithink I'll help friends but for the people I dont know I think I'm gonna just have to piss some people off and say No. Seems like its gonna be a headache. Cause if they are anything like some of my friends then no matter how many times you tell them not to do an update they will do it and say they didn't know. Luckily with most PSPs I was able to fix any stupid actions easily with Pandora but the Wii is not that easy when they cant backup with the Boot 2. I mean there are lots of things that can go wrong, even with my own Wii, I had my fingers cross even though I had read the tutorials a million times. And I am way to new at this with the Wii to be their troubleshoot person lol.
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