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Thread: I can only play some of my wii games...

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    I can only play some of my wii games...

    Ok...the story goes like this...

    I bought a wii and got my friend (from oversea) to modify my wii so that I can play both copied and original games. He installed gecko os and homebrew, and of course... I wasnt there while he was modifying my wii so I have absolutely no idea about anything...

    Everything was fine until my younger sister tries out her (original) wii fit game. She updated the wii as wii fit recommends to update the wii before playing it. She had no idea that it ll affect the wii as it is modified. As a result, I can only play some of my wii games (not including my sister's new wii fit)

    So yea... I am not sure how to fix it or where to start...but do I..
    a) re-softmod my wii by following one of the guides (if yes, how to I find out if I m using 4.2? Do I have to format my wii first?)
    b) Reformat my wii and everything will be fine
    c) Just leave cant be helped =(
    d) Hardmod my wii (which I have no idea how to do) or...
    e) try...(insert your suggestion here)

    Hope I am not being a pain.. I just wanna make sure that I am sure of 'everything' before I do anything to my wii... I cant afford to break it ='D Thanks in advance..

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    Dont format it!!!!!

    edit:Someone more knowlegable should be able to help you, im kind of a newb at this. But realy, do not format.
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    what system menu did the disk update you to...

    and what you should be able to do id re-softmod the wii... but i need to know what sys menu version you are on first... click the wii button in the bottom left corner and go into settings and then in the top right corner you will see the ver num... (v x.xx)

    let me know

    and what programs do you have installed on the wii... (i.e what channels are on your will when you start it up.)


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