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Thread: noob questions about HBC, wiiconnect24, and wifi

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    Us noob questions about HBC, wiiconnect24, and wifi

    First off - thanks for this site - absolute killer info on here.
    Softmodded my wii last night, no issues, and been going deeper and deeper into things.
    I can now stream movies from my PC to the wii which just kicks ass!
    And using a USB drive for the games vs the disks - soooo much better!

    Anycase, I was just wondering about wiiconnect 24. It was advised to turn this off during the softmod.
    But it seems that the weather and news channels do not work with out this turned on. Is there any risk of turning this back on?

    It seems like every 5 mins if im on the HBC - I get a popup asking to upgrade.
    Any issues on saying yet?

    My next queston is about wifi speed of the wii.
    If I im my laptop and go - I get in the area of 12Mbps download speed.

    Going to the internet channel - if I go to - I only between 2&3 Mbps. Right now Im going on the assumption that b/c the wii in a dedicated media closest - the wifi strength sucks in there. (too much of a pita to pull it out right now).
    So I was just curious if this was the case, or is the wii just slow when it comes to wifi?
    (Is there anyway to measure signal strength?)

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    -well depends on ur wii version, sometimes the Wii24 connect can update ur wii, or will give u popups to update. I reccomend u turning the W24 only when u need it and the turn it back off after, i do that.
    -u can update the homebrew channel if u want to, no problems with it.
    -dono bout teh speed.


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