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Thread: how to play game cube games

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    Wow, All apps go in the apps folder. look at the other apps in the folder and look to see what they have in common. one thing is that the .dol file is inside a folder that is inside the apps folder.
    true but if you click on that link and select the cios installer you will see it doesnt come up as a apps folder but a .dol file and 2 readme.

    ok ive got it sorted as ive uninstalled it all and started again with files from ade wii blog that was posted on the 2nd page of tut.
    1 question though which button to press to exit a gc game and go to the main menu to put another game in.

    thanks all for help.
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    Guys if neogamma does not work on loading your gc back up games try this...

    Gamecube Backup Launcher by Wiigator and Wankoko.

    RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

    Instructions included.

    Tested by me.

    PS. You need a GC controller in using the GC Launcher. And if the game stops on the first title or game logo, restart the launcher and try pressing the "B" button in your gc controller to run the launcher via mios patch.

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