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Thread: homebrew channel installed before update

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    homebrew channel installed before update

    Hi, I am very new at this. I bought my wii in November, so it is new. I installed homebrew channel, dvdx, and bootmii on 3.4 system. I didn't update to 4.0 (didn't know that this was advisable). My question is how can I update without hurting my system, so I can add backup launcher? I read the post on upgrading to 4.1, but it seemed too complicated to follow. I could understand the post on the softmod for 3.1-4.1. Can i uninstall my homebrew channel, and reinstall it using the tutorial for the softmod above? It was way less complicated and easy for me to understand

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    You got through the 3.1-4.1 guide fine but this was too complicated?

    Quote Originally Posted by Doggegs: How to upgrade to 4.1 with homebrew still working

    Copy the app and wad to your SD card and do the following:

    1) Install cIOS249 rev14.

    2) Install IOS60patched.wad with wad manager.

    3) Restart your Wii.

    4) Now run Waninkokos Firmware-Updater_4.1 and follow any prompts until it's finished.
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