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Thread: About brick protection

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    About brick protection

    My Wii is a late model which I couldn't install Bootmii as boot2 so i install it as IOS. I dont have Priiloader installed and also I havent done the NAND backup yet.

    1. Should I do the NAND backup? Because i heard that they dont recommend to do the NAND backup if Bootmii is installed as IOS, is this true?
    2. Should I install Priiloader? Will it benefit me?


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    It's beneficial to have a NAND. If you semi-brick it might possible to use savemiifree and a gc controller to restore with bootmii as an IOS.

    To install Priiloader you must be on system menu 3.2,4.0,4.1,4.2. It will help you block updates, enable other beneficial system hacks, and potentially save your console if you ever brick. More here.
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