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Thread: nand back up question

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark_lndp View Post
    Hi all, Hope you dont mind me asking but I need Ask SOmething about nand Backsups.. I have done a backup of my Wii 4.1e ...
    The Question I want ask if I update to 4.2e, Can I use my my backup Nand to go back to 4.1e or will it brick my wii, Not asking personally just want know what would happen so I could get more of an Idea what is Stored in a Nand Backup thanks
    This would be considered hijacking a thread as it's unrelated to the first post, it's ok to just make a new thread next time. To answer the question, no this wouldn't work and would brick the console. Right now there is no safe way to downgrade from 4.2 and doing so is considered dangerous. The NAND stores system files and other misc data - ios files among them. I can't remember exactly what causes the brick, but if you scroll through the backlog of posts from a mod named mauifrog you'll be able to find that info and much, much more.
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    Sorry for posting question in here.. I wanted create New post but always comes up an error and its something i really needed answering.. Thanks abillion for the reply.. Your awsome

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