hey guys need help,
running 4.2 upgraded from 3.2 with wankios upgrader, using corp 3.5 to run back ups with no problems until now,
can get avatar to run properly, crash's in second level just after blowing up some barrels, it does it on retail and backup in excatly same place, tried installing priiloader v2.0 but it came with IOS70-64-v6687 [Patched][FreeTheBug].wad and said had to be installed first, so did this and installed priiloader afterwards thing is after i installed the wad my disc channel wont accept backup anymore, and if i try to uninstall wad it crash's and wont boot out hbc, i've done nand restore to sort that out and reinstalled corp 3.5 but why doesn't avatar work?? all my others do, including new super mario, modern warfare, dark chronicles any sugestions or indeed fixes would be gr8fully accepted