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Thread: usb loader gx and images

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    Well you never said it was partitioned.

    I have not found a way to change WBFS to change its default directory for images within the program itself, don't remember when you install it if it gives you a choice. So what I do is just copy images to folder on my SD in your case it would be a folder you have on your hard drive.

    Once there you can go to usb loader gx settings and choose where you installed images.

    Also if you have your hard drive with folder you do know that you can click on cover art and it should ask what you want to download 3D box art ,2D box art,Disc art.

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    so if i want the covers on the hdd what do i type in? this is what i want and i want to know if it is possible.

    i want the cover art on my hdd.
    i do not want to use a sd card.

    if i have to download the covers with usb loader gx that is fine. but i want to save the covers to the hdd.

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