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Thread: I've Hacked My Wii - A Few Questions Now.

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    Cheers mate i will have a look at this when i get home from work. So basically in the very basic of terms I cannot play backups from disc but I can play them via a USB hard drive?

    This is really the only thing im wanting to do to be honest unless there are other neat things out there like emulators and such.

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    download the homebrew browser and add to your homebrew channel. they have all kinds of cool stuff you can download right to your sd card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEO-BAHAMUT- View Post
    Hi guys,

    First off thanks for your responses. I really do appreciate your time and effort. Im not that much of a noob and i do know how to use programs like IMGBurn, Nero etc. I only asked this question as I also have a hacked PSP and if i want to convert my own PS1 games to PSP then you need to use Alcohal (well you don't but its definately the easiest.

    Also i know S0ur said in the first reply that I am to use a good "Media". I have seen a few people mentioning Verbatim DVD's etc so will probably look at getting these. Would any DVD's do though?

    TeaLC - In your Reply you have said about my board to not be a D3-2 board. I only got my Wii on Saturday and it came with 4.X firmware. Are you telling me that it's not possible to play backups via NeoGamma?

    I use Imation disc and they work fine.

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