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Thread: Updating Wii from new game?

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    i have ntsc NSMB and ntsc wii and it ask me to update from game.i have a wiikey2,and the screen says that if i have tech mods it my render my wii inoperable.can some tell me if its safe?

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    If you are 100% pure hardmod then yes. After the update you will have 4.1

    If you have HBC or other softmod then you may need to reinstall if you accept the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdasThong View Post
    Well, I had success!

    Tealc, I tried your advice first because it looked like less work. But but a few of the folders/aps were not being recognized so it didn't work.

    I then tried the method Kurdishpower recommended originally.
    And it was all quite painless. The guide is easy to follow and I loved how it's very noob-friendly with a folder titled "copy these to your SD card".

    I didn't update to 4.1. I just used the 'skip disk update' feature (I think it was in the Priiloader options). So I've now got a more up-to-date 'update skipper' and 'region free' function and I'm still on 3.2.

    Thanks a lot for everyone's time!!!

    If the Wii was region free (like my PS3) I never would have had to go through all this crap. So, THANKS Nintendo!
    Iam glad it worked out m8;-)

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