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Thread: black screen from usb loader

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    finally some good news (sorta), i formatted my hdd in fat32 again and put your .dol file in the usb loader, when i started it it asked me to format my hdd in ntbs (not sure abbreviation) and was able to install wii sports and play. the only thing now is that i cannot acces my hdd from "m computer" since is not fat32 anymore

    anyway, il try installing more of my game...
    earlier i had zelda making usb loader crash, final fantasy and wii play

    im gonna try em again and let you know

    ty for ur help

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    Yeha it wanted you to have it in WBFS

    AFAIK usb loader GX only support WBFS.

    There are other loaders that also support FAT32 but I find this one better and am not too concerned at having a WBFS formatted drive.

    Download this program
    WBFS Manager

    You can use that to manage your games etc from your Computer

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