Hi, I found this site maybe a week or so ago. This is my first post. I have alot of PC background so following the guides and figuring out how to softmod was not too complicated - great job you all!

Anyways, I too had lot's of problems with freezing games.

1st - I have a D2a with a wiiKey but got fed up with pal games not working and burning 4-5 times my games before it worked properly so I found info about softmodding and decided to give it a go. Turns out awesome. I first followed the guide with the "removing Evil IOS Stubbed 249" or something like that (sorry don't remember the name). Worked great. Installed few wads I downloaded - SMB1, NES Punchout, etc. After a day or two my games started freezing. I was using NeoGamma 8.

2nd - I didn't really understood so I got the NAND backup back on and redid the whole thing for USB Loader from my HDD thinking my DVDs were bad again. Followed the guide with Dop-IOS Mod steps (again .... bad with names) - worked awesome thanks!. Now the next day I still have freezing issues.

I went around for an hour or so to see if ppl have the same issue. Found that this thread seems the most relevant.

I realized that The freezing issue for me happens on Homebrew apps or games from Discs or from HDD but NOT the GameChannels installed from SD wads I myself do not understand it but my wad manager would freeze installing wad games but if I manage to install one, the game itself would never freeze. Any games with NeoGamma or USB Loader would freeze as well as any version of any apps in Homebrew randomly (sometimes I would install 2 - 3 wads no problems, sometimes none ... hard reset required).

Now I re-ran the cIos38r14 installer, reinstalling the custom IOS and right now I'm runnning smoothly - no freeze in the last hour. Will keep you updated if It starts freezing again.

I hope this info will help in anyway.