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Thread: Are my IOSes up to date/correct?

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    Looks like it wasn't an ios problem.

    Have deleted a few games from the usb drive and re copied Modern Warfare back on and it now loads up ok.

    The Conduit however still crashes when connecting to multiplayer.

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    [QUOTE=Tealc;176376]No need to downgrade, a later version superseeds older versions (or at least it does at the moment)

    I tried downgrading ios55 via wiiscrubber extraction from mw iso and this not only failed, it also prevented my madden 10 backup from working.

    I had to dop mod ios 55 back to the most recent version and say yes to sig hash check. Without saying yes to sig hash check, madden 10 still failed to work with my wiikey2.

    Now, all is well.

    Btw, can you remind me of what the "yes" to sig hash check actually does in dop mod ios?


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