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Thread: Can't play burnt games

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    Quote Originally Posted by forest22 View Post
    Thank you to the people who have helped. To the ones that haven't... Well I guess I've got more important things to be doing than sitting here all week reading through everything trying to sort it. But then I guess when your Mum is cooking for you and wipping your backside you can be lazy. Can I ask 92integra and messie, you American??? I can only assume so...
    Actually I am not american and yes i have more important things to do than teach you to use the search button
    Also what you did was pretty stupid, asking a question before searching for it... seems to me that you are the lazy one my friend... so, be careful what you say.
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    Just because your too lazy to do a simple Search for all your needs, and no one will help you with your problem because of this fact, does IN NO WAY mean that you should bash anyone and everyone who "tried" to get you on the right track to figuring out your problem. And what does it matter if someone is american or not, does that mean they are not qualified to help you in some way. Sorry sir but you have been a very crass individual.

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