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In the folder with all of the files you downloaded, there should be some folder you have to unzip like davepm said. When using imgburn the iso file of the game has to be unzipped before it will recognize it in imgburn (at least from my experience.) They way I 'backup' most of my games is through a usb loader. There are plenty of tutorials on this site about that but basically you just put a formated thumb drive in the back of the wii, open a usb loader, select 'install game', put your thumb drive into your computer, and transfer the files onto your computer using WBFS manager 3.0. After that you can burn with imgburn. BE SURE YOU READ UP ON HOW TO USE WBFS Manager! If you click format before selecting the leter that goes with your thumb drive you could format your hard drive.
I checked the folder again their are lots of compressed files and bin files and all the compressed files and bin files name are same and same size. So I just unzip one compressed file and I got iso file and used the image burn software and burn the game and it's working well but I couldn't understand that game has no color it's just black and white. Did I do something wrong and can you give me some websites name to download wii free games, please.

Thanks in advance.